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     Multiple application  12 - 24 V Single Shot relay  
Model: 934121


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Momentary to single shot Electronic Converter

Used to send one one pulse only in the event of a contact closure
When the coil is energized the main contacts will close for 3 seconds and open again until a new contact closure occurs.
Use full for the activation or pulse transmission in wireless remote controls.
The relay provides N.O. and N.C. contacts, and can therefore be used with a wide variety of control applications
Features - Specifications 
  • Replaces the normal ON to one pulse circuit.
  • Momentary or continuous closure sends one pulse of 3 seconds
  • Operating power - 12 - 24 VDC 10%.
  • Current drain - less than 0.01mA (pulse),
    30 mA  3 seconds  adjuatable
  • Relays switching capability – 10 A 125 VAC SPDT.
  • DIN mount


Operation: Upon momentary or maintained power application to the coil the output contact is energized for the interval time. At the end of the delay the output  de-energizes. Reset occurs when the time delay is complete.
New pulse allowance 10 seconds


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